Chinedu Nwaduru got to meet with members of the Hall to gauge their reactions about the recently postponed Presidential Elections. Here’s what Brownites had to say, even on Twitter:

“This country is one big joke. Who exactly are we fooling here? So INEC couldn’t plan the elections in four years, and suddenly a week is all the need? They should continue deceiving themselves thinking we are fools, Stupidity!” – B. O

“It is not fair. Cancelling the elections at 3am in the morning of the elections doesn’t give us a good face especially on the international platform. Before you know it, APC and PDP will start accusing each other of foul play” – S. J

“Election that @famsaga2018 Organising Committee will hold successfully and credibly” – @bolu_aderounmu

“Even the college of medicine cannot cancel End of Posting tests the way INEC cancelled this elections. Bravo Nigeria! You guys keep wearing new shades of ridiculousness every time” – A. E

“Very Pathetic.
This is election incredibility and lack of national organization. It’s a very big shame on our country” – B.O

“There are three types of rigging; preelection, election and post election.
Preelection is almost complete ,we move to the next phase.” – A.O

“Just imagine!…now tell me, why should someone believe in this geographical land mass that is deceiving itself to be a country” – M.O

“Even with 180 billion naira and 4years, INEC couldn’t organize an election without an interfering drama. People travelled back to their villages and towns in other to exercise their civic responsibilities to this joke called a country, all for what – a postponement? I hope for all our sakes, this postponement was actually worth it” – C.N

“ First, we had a presidential debate where two key candidates failed to show up with no excuse whatsoever, and a few hours to the elections – in the middle of the night when the world was asleep, they decided to postpone the elections… Interesting, let’s see how this nollywood series will unfold” – E.O

“I have nothing much to say, but there is more to this that meets the eye. Let’s us be patient and see how this election will play out” – T.O

The elections have been scheduled for Saturday, February 23; where Nigerians are expected to come out and vote who will lead them for the next four years.
Could this postponement be a strategy by the INEC to ensure a hitch-free election, or should Nigerians be expecting another blockbuster from the stables of INEC, only time will tell.

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