Vox Pop: Alexander Brown Hall Week, Brownites’ Reactions


It is common knowledge that the 62nd Alexander Brown Hall week, themed: Emergence; From Isolation to Innovation, is around the corner. The constant jingles and posters make it difficult for most Brownites to just ignore the Hall Week. We then asked some Brownites about their anticipation of the week and how they feel about it. We also asked what events they’ll be looking forward to and most likely participate in. Here are their comments:

1. I’m expecting a week that’ll meet the hype. Especially to worth more than what every faculty and hall does in UI. It seems they do it over there to just suit the ‘let’s-just-do-it” narrative. I’m looking forward to the quiz, marathon, and dinner and I’ll like to participate in the marathon, CHAP, and football. – Oguntuga Oluwadamilotun 2k21

2. I’m excited about the hall week! It’s my last hall week as a finalist and I can’t wait for it. I’m looking forward to the bonfire because of the partying. The cultural night and dinner as well. I would participate in the bonfire because I love parties and I’m also involved in planning. Then dinner because we get to dress up and people look nice. – Izuchukwu Ezema 2k17

3. I feel nothing towards the week. I do know posters are coming out regularly and they’re trying to do right by way of publicity, but I don’t feel the vibe. I guess I’m looking forward to the bonfire and sports competition. I would love to participate in the the chess tournament, but let’s see how the planning of it all goes. – Anonymous

4. This is the first hall week I’ll be experiencing/participating in so I’m not sure what to expect, I can’t say I’m excited but I’m definitely look forward to it. I’m especially looking forward to the bonfire, symposium and and cultural night. The only thing I see myself participating in is CHAP and maybe cheering people during the sports if that counts. The publicity has been good so far and I hope the week turns out amazing. – Fiyinfoluwa Aregbesola 2k18

5. I have seen the posters and everything but I’m not looking forward to any event. I don’t think I’ll be participating in any of the events but let’s wait and see, I might just change my mind. –Anonymous

How do you feel about the week? What events are you looking forward to? Kindly drop it in the comment section.


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