Alexander Brown hall extended her winning streak at the inter faculty competition on Thursday with two gold medals in Taekwondo. The 4-day tournament which started on Monday saw two days of pre-tournament training and the two others, of the competition.

On Wednesday, 27th of June, various hall athletes gathered for the Poom Sae (Forms) adjudged by one of Nigeria’s Olympic coaches, Osita Egwim. Alexander Brown hall’s representative, Ridwan Ojewale emerged first after his performances (of Taeguks Sam jang, Saa jang and Ok jang) leading the second place Tedderite who had only ended at Taeguk Yee jang.

Thursday, the 28th witnessed the Kireugi (sparring) contest and he (Ridwan) again defeated Irabor George of Nnamdi Azikiwe hall to claim the (Bantam weight) gold medal.

In his reaction to the outcome, the two-time (faculty) silver medallist said; “I feel happy. Going into the mat is not easy. But we give glory to God. TKD is a nice sport, only that we don’t have many people that are into it here. I really hope ABH gets athletes to field in the coming editions. I hope we continue to bring home TKD medals”.

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