As is the norm in every part of the country, there was a general power outage in the University College Hospital at the early hours of Sunday. It was then expected that after few hours, as is also the norm, power would be restored. However, the high hopes were brought down with news of transformer’s involvement. A major transformer of the hospital near Angola was said to have developed a major fault. Generator had since been used to power the hospital. The hall executives were seen trying to put on the hall’s generator for Brownites; a plan that suffered frustration due to the (generator’s) battery which has refused to easily come up after months of redundancy.

The small generator was however put on for the TV room and Brownites could charge their gadgets as they watched highlights of the football matches they missed during the day. On Monday morning, the generator was eventually powered and left on for less than an hour. The power which could rarely completely charge any gadget was however improved upon in the evening when it stayed for over two hours. Unfortunately, the improvement was not going to further improve as it was hardly left for twenty minutes the following morning. The Hall Chairman however assured that the repair would be fast considering the cost implication on UCH since it generally affects the hospital. Activities in the hall has since been in strict correlation with the rise and set of the sun in the hall; Brownites now withdraw to the rooms almost as early as full darkness sets in.

Thankfully, the power was restored in the evening of today, just in time to watch the World cup match between Nigeria and Argentina.

At least, if we could not beat Argentina, we might as well mourn their loss in the comforts of our rooms under the cool of the fans.

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