Title: Awéléwà (Part 3)


Like a goat eats
Around the compound
Like a lizard eats
Beside the wall

Beside your window, I stuck
Tearing myself apart inside
As I watched you spend your night
Oh, what an endless night!

I saw wonders when you slept
The hunters, the farmers,
Blacksmiths in their types
All came at different times

Strong and powerful men
The priests and their sons
These are mighty men
They went, but never returned.

Death O Death
How bitter and swift you are
Taking them one at a time
Are you waiting for my soul too

“Be afraid of what is not
Bury yourself beneath your fears
Maybe you will live longer than the dead
Just maybe you’ll be happy in the end

Let there be silence,
And listen to your heart
The autumn leaves have fallen…
Maybe it’s time to part” I told myself

“You are a thin line fading into the skies
A shining diamond amidst the stones
The rainbow that never lasts
And I will now say goodbye

And please, die soon
I can’t bear the pain
Of watching you
Sleep-on this way”

Read: Mighty and powerful men tried to save the her. They went into the forbidden forest with all their charms. Some carried their gods. But, none returned. Beside her window as I stayed all nights, looking through the tiny hole. I watched her lie still, and her night was endless. What would I do? Like you, I also want to live long. What shall it profit a man, to die for someone who doesn’t know when he lives?..
But, who will save Awéléwà? Will she die?

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