I used to think that time was a thief, stealing our precious moments, cutting short the minutes we spend with our loved ones, and taking with it spaces that can never be recovered.
I had always thought that time was always running. I thought it was something I could never grasp. Holding our past as hostages, never to be released. Waiting to snatch that space.
But I have learnt that time gives before it takes. Time never runs, it’s always there, waiting for us to make use of it. I know now that time holds in itself the precious moments we have spent, our treasured memories, allowing us to reminisce on those fond minutes and hours spent.
However, time waits for no one. It’s always ticking. It’s always moving. So spend that time. Read that book. Go to that place. Make that move. Do that thing that you love.
Because time lost can never be regained.

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