When I think of sandwiches, I just think two slices of bread, slapping anything fun or available in the middle and calling it a good day. However, there is a countless list of sandwich recipes to explore and I’d be sharing some with you. I mean, you have to agree with me that plain old bread and breadspread gets boring sometimes.


1. The Nigerian sandwich

I think most of us should be familiar with this recipe(this was all I knew to be sandwich growing up). All you need is as many slices of bread as you desire with canned sardines and butter or margarine mixed together as your filling- spices and seasoning are optional. It might be helpful information to state that this recipe is not for you if you’re trying to eat healthy.

2. Egg mayo sandwich

I strongly believe that mayonnaise makes everything better. To make this a complete meal, you should add your preferred vegetables to your boiled egg and mayonnaise mix. Of course, if you can’t stand mayonnaise, you can replace it with butter but then it’s no longer an egg mayo sandwich.

3. Suya sandwich

That suya that you buy every other day to snack on? You can actually employ it to make the loveliest sandwich. Just add some cabbage, ketchup and mayonnaise and you’re good to go.

4. Chicken sandwich 

This has to be my favorite sandwich recipe and it has range. From plain old boiled or fried chicken with breadspread to making layers of sliced bread, mayonnaise,cheese chicken and whatever vegetables please you, it is always sandwich heaven. However, this isn’t something you should be dreaming about on a tight budget.

5. Noodles sandwich 

This should also be nicknamed “sandwich for terrorists”. I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that bread and noodles is a thing but people swear by it. So if you’re itching to try something new, feel free to try this for dinner and share with me how it turns out.

As I said earlier, the list is inexhaustible and I’d like to hear what your favorite recipes are. But I often wonder, since shawarma and burger are basically bread, meat and vegetables, do they also count as sandwiches? Or does the bread used matter in defining a sandwich?

  1. Jesufemi Adeyeye says

    I’d call myself a culinary specialist rather than a terrorist though

    1. Timilehin Yusuf says


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