The Shadow


Have you ever been chased by your own shadow?

It was a hot afternoon and I was walking on the street, dejected after finding out my only friend in the village had traveled to Lagos for the holidays. I was bored out of my mind and idle. I guess I could have started on my assignments, but who does assignments before the last day of the holidays? Certainly not me. Finally finding a way to make good use of the scorching sun, I began to play with my shadow, a game I called “can you step on your shadow?” I kept making attempts to step on my shadow’s legs. I would try to creep up on him and then swiftly step on him. My successive failed attempts soon looked like a dance as I moved my legs in a slightly disorganized but beautiful fashion all the same. I was enjoying myself until…

Suddenly, I looked up and my shadow looked up as well, but we were standing face to face this time. I didn’t have to bend to look at him. We were seeing eye to eye. We looked at each other for three seconds (Yes, I counted), before my survival instincts kicked in and I ran. Since I had been born, and believe me, I did try; I had never been able to outrun my shadow. However, my shadow had never tried to chase me in all those years. Today was the day I broke the record. I ran as fast as I could, with my shadow right at my heel, looking angrier by the second. Each time I looked back, it felt like he could reach out to grab me.

After what felt like several years, my father’s compound was just in sight. I ran in with as much speed as I could muster and slammed the door shut behind me, hoping that shadows couldn’t open doors. Surprisingly, he opened the door and walked in, advancing toward me in long strides. I looked around to see if everyone else could see him or if he was only a figment of my hyperactive imagination; as I stylishly moved behind my mother. Alas, mother said, “I see you’ve met your twin brother.” I registered the different clothes, glasses, and expensive shoes, and then, I passed out.

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  1. Paul Abayomi Olapade says

    Wow. This is quite good.

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