Korean drama series, popularly known as “Kdramas”, have slowly but surely found their way into the hearts of most Nigerian women, I dare say men as well. From the likes of classics such as Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss, to more recent dramas like Alchemy of Souls and Squid Game, not many people can boast of having not watched any of these dramas. When most people hear Kdramas, they think of either of these two sets – the classics or the recent dramas. However, these dramas have evolved over time, and by evolve, I mean that the dramas have, in more than one way, gotten better.

While some fans of the classics might have fallen off along the way, there have been new additions to the K-Netizens all over the world with the emergence of recent dramas. For those that didn’t leave, the change in the plot and the overall feel of these dramas are upgrades that are most definitely welcome. For those that left, these improved changes were perhaps a huge slap in the face. And for the new members, I doubt you’ll be leaving anytime soon because there’s a lot to enjoy.

If you happen to be an avid and veteran fighter against anything Korean, I really want you to know it’s a losing battle. And while you’re still here, let me explain in plain terms why I think Kdramas are way better than other series and maybe, in the process, sell Kdramas to you.

  1. The Acting: There really is no competition here. Korean series transport you into a completely different world – their created world — in which you’re completely immersed. Watching a series and feeling exactly what the actors/characters are feeling is one feat I think other actors should try to master. Watching series like THE PENTHOUSE, MOUSE, MR. SUNSHINE will leave you thinking these actors are indeed their characters and unable to see them any other way.
    Can’t possibly be the same person.

    He was the devil.
  2. The Plot: Now, this is the highlight of it all. The creativity the writers exude is out of this world. As much as they re-use some plots, they still find new themes to talk about. Even these reused plots come with twists that make you question just how sane or insane the writers are. Any topic you can think of has, in one way or another, been made into a series, helping you appreciate and become proficient in topics you didn’t know about. A series about Make-Up artists? There’s one – TOUCH”. One about women in the Search engine industry? You only need to check out “SEARCH WWW”. If you want to learn something about the struggles weightlifters and other athletes face, “WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK-JO” is your go-to. Do you want a feel of life as a consultant working in the same hospital with your friends? “HOSPITAL PLAYLIST” is one series you wouldn’t want to miss.
    One picture, two words-Friendship and Fun.

    A major complaint by some has been that all Kdramas are Romance themed, but that would be very wrong. There are quite a number of series that leave you wishing and begging for any sort of affection between the two leads.

  3. The Cast: The highlight of any film. You can’t tell me the eye candies we are fed in Kdramas can be compared to the characters we mostly endure in some other series. And I can argue that they never really lacked in this regard, but instead still seem to be getting better. Just when you think it cannot get better than Lee Dong Wook, you find that you can as they hit you with Cha Eun Woo. Comparisons can’t be made with other actors, really, although it might be possible to find some exceptions. I mean, we can all agree that a good-looking cast always makes a movie better.
The Oldies
The Present and Future

With these few points, I hope I’ve been able to shake the foundation of your ideologies and maybe tempt you to try a Kdrama today. If you’re in need of recommendations, you only need to comment the genre you prefer, and someone will definitely give a few suggestions.

Or do you still not agree? Drop your reasons in the comments.

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    Beautiful piece

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