Making a decision to create a website for us was really one of the tough decisions we had to make; both as a team and personally as the leader. Questions like, “are people going to like? Will they read it? Is this not a sheer waste of our time?”, kept flooding through my mind, as I scanned through a dozen blog sites.

Then it hit me! This is not about what I want or do not want, or what i perceive to be acceptable or not. It is about the public, and their right to fair and accurate information. It is about creating a platform where information can be exchanged and acted upon to spur minds and break boundob_db900f_silhouette-3265699-480aries – that’s the dream of any student journalist.

Our job is simple – to seek the truth and tell it, just as it is.

Pardon us in advance, sometimes it may be sweet, other times it may be sour; but its our duty to keep you, our readers informed; not just about the life of a set of people living in Alexander Brown Hall, UCH, Ibadan, Nigeria; but also about our way of life, our ideologies, fears, beliefs and all.

So allow me to introduce us to you! We are the Alexander Brown Press Organisation; representing a body of conscientious student journalists who believe in the exchange of information for public enlightenment, as an antecedent of justice and a foundation for democracy in Alexander Brown Hall (ABH). As ethical journalists, we strive to ensure the exchange of accurate and thorough information free from personal bias or external manipulation.

Feel free and enjoy our posts as they come.

Remember, if it matters to you, it definitely matters to us!


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