The Disappearance of Our Health Weeks: Missing Or Dead??


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A person is reported missing after loss of contact for 72 hours. If so, then it is  safe to say that our association weeks are lost and can only hope to be found. The excitement the prospect of both weeks held was enormous, mostly because both weeks were scheduled to be held back to back running from April 8 till whenever you were overwhelmed with all the fun and excitement the weeks promised.

Unforeseen events, however, had other ideas and stole the weeks from us. Now we can only wait and hope that someone, anyone, would find our health weeks and bring them back to us. Sources close to us here at ABH Press have informed us of a search and rescue team being put together and assurances have been made that our health weeks would find their way back to us.

The truth however, is when something or someone is lost they rarely return whole or the same. University of Ibadan Dental Students (UADS)’s dinner is scheduled to hold on June 30 with a big bang: FIRE AND ICE! Apparently, that was the only part of the UADS health week that seems to have made it back from the clutches of the two months strike action. On the other hand, the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association (UIMSA) health week has made no such appearance yet, but we hear whispers of it hopefully returning, in whatever shape or form, come August this year.

All that is left is for us to have faith! it’s better than nothing.

Do you think UIMSA should still go ahead with planning her health week? Tell us what you feel.

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