The Collapse of ABH Public Address System


In the history of ABH, information ministers have been inextricably associated with the constant use of the Public Address System (PAS) for “morning calls”, through which information about activities of the hall and other organisations was disseminated. This was true of the likes of Silas Okafor, Samuel Olateju and even the immediate past information minister, Akemu Temabor. However, it appears history is taking a different course, as Brownites will agree that these “morning calls” have suddenly become a thing of the past under the leadership of Miss Subuloye Esther.

Probing further, one would discover that the stationary Public Address System consisting of speakers in different places in the hall which was responsible for the “morning calls”, is not the only missing element. The mobile unit of the PAS has also been non-functional throughout the current administration, either for usage by the hall or rental by non-hall organisations.

One begins to wonder how the hall has fared without a functional PAS, considering the fact that the present Hall Executive Council (HEC) has churned out quite a number of laudable programmes requiring a functional PAS, such as the ABH Fit (Sports), Ladies Night (Female Affairs), Financial literacy program (Finance & Female Affairs) and the just concluded ABH League (FA). In conversations with the executives and persons in charge of these events, it is noteworthy that they had to outsource a PAS in each instance. This did not come without significant financial implications, which could have been completely avoided had the PAS been in a good working condition. Consequently, rather than have the PAS generate revenue via its rental, it has created more financial costs for the Hall.

In an interview with the immediate past Information minister of the hall, Miss Akemu Temabor, revealed that both the stationary and mobile PAS became faulty during her tenure, for which there were no available funds to make necessary repairs. This was after discussing with both the Hall Executive Council and mentioning it in a Hall Assembly meeting at the time. Hence, the PAS was passed down to the office of the present information minister, Miss Esther Subuloye in its damaged state.

A member of the hall assembly, Mr Obeya Mark, stated that at the presentation of the budget for this tenure, he asked specifically if a PAS would be acquired. The Hall Chairperson, Mr David Salami, replied that there were plans to purchase a new one. On speaking with Miss Subuloye about these plans, she stated that the executive council is in the process of purchasing a new PAS, saying, “The mobile PAS is beyond repair. It was checked by an electrician some months ago. He concluded that buying a new one would be better than repairing it.” She continued, “For the stationary PAS, three out of five speakers are faulty. Repair hasn’t been possible because the porters lodge has not been accessible due to the ongoing strike”. However, the stationary PAS was used for publicity of the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on the 22nd of October, because one of the porters was available to provide access to the PAS.

On purchasing a new Public Address System, she said, “Funds will be disbursed to getting a new mobile speaker soon; also, plans are going on to get speakers for blocks that do not have speakers.” However, the acting Hall Chairperson, Miss Zainab Akinteye in explaining the cause of the delay stated that “The Executive Council has not purchased a new PAS system because we do not have the financial capacity to do so.”

Brownites would recall that Miss Subuloye stated in her manifesto that she would ensure effective management and use of public address system, and also block to block dissemination of information. Months have passed since she assumed office, yet hall activities go on without a functioning public address system, as plans to get a new PAS are presently being stalled.

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