It is a universally accepted truth that poetry is the “crack” of literature. Poetry is the go-to literary choice when you are feeling too much or not feeling enough. It is everything you did not know you wanted to feel embodied in words. Until recently, I didn’t understand its appeal but that had more to do with the fact that I thought of it in Shakespearean terms, rather than relatable ones.

I was decidedly not a fan until I came across Mahmoud Darwish. He put me unto Arabic poetry and now not only do I like poetry, but I also believe Arabic poetry is the holy grail. With the 2017 and 2018 MBBS/BDS classes finally done with their respective MBs, the final year MLS set waiting to write theirs and what would have meant holidays in a different course of study just around the corner, I believe it is time to share some poetry recommendations for those who want to indulge during this period: 

Mahmoud Darwish

He is a Palestinian poet who published his first collection at age 22. His tumultuous life experiences inspired his works, which undoubtedly make you stop and take a breath.

Farouq Jwaideh

Not much is known about this Egyptian poet but his poems are irrefutably breathtaking. They are drenched in so much emotion that one cannot help but wonder about his experiences and what inspired them.


Atticus is an anonymous allegedly Canadian poet whose works gained popularity on social media. Nearly nothing is known about the poet’s personal life but it is a widely accepted consensus that his works are something special.

Rudy Francisco

He is a black American poet whose works leave you feeling seen yet uncomfortable in the sense that you end up feeling a bit naked, but even that is not without its own unique sense of comfort. There is a softness to his poems that envelopes you in a sense of safety while also managing to challenge you.


Juansen Dizon

Juansen Dizon is a Phillipino poet, a dreamer. His published works are a testament that chaos and order are two sides of a coin. That, and fluidity is the only constant.


These are just a few of the many great poets out there. It is by no means an exhaustive list or a ranking. Just some recommendations in case you’re in need of a little poetry or you just happen to have spare time on your hands. Be sure to check out the works of these poets and feel free to drop your recommendations in the comment section.

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