I waited relentlessly for her call to come in, pacing around the room, checking my phone screen every minute as I resisted the urge to put a call through. I actually would have, but I had been warned severally by Tomi to stop calling unnecessarily. I could literally feel my heart pounding in the uncertainty of whether she would call or not.

Finally, my phone beeped and I almost smashed it in excitement as I picked up her call. “Hey baby, come pick me up. We’re going out”, she cooed into the phone and I melted at the sound of her voice. “Yes, babe. I’ll be right there“, I managed to say before she hung up. I dashed outside, grabbing my car keys on the way.

I was at her door in less than fifteen minutes. I knocked at the door and waited for her. I soon heard approaching footsteps and I prepared myself mentally for her appearance. She looked so flawless as she opened the door and smiled at me, kissing me on the lips as a guy came from behind her, leaving the house. I was confused, “Who is that?”, I asked. “Let’s go, baby, don’t worry about him”, she replied as she dragged me towards the car.

I thought about what just happened as we got into the car and I remembered how my friend, Ben, told me he saw her with a man some time ago. I wondered if it was the same man. He warned me that Tomi was deceptive and that she was just playing with my feelings. I thought about whether it was true, with the way she gave me so many conditions and restrictions, her crazy outbursts sometimes, her mood swings, and so many male friends. I turned to look at her and as if on cue she threw me another bright smile. At once all of those thoughts flew out the window. True or not, I couldn’t lose this woman, not for anything. I love her, her smile, her voice, her face, everything about her. She might act up sometimes but I love her like that and there’s no changing it.

I smiled back at her and sped off, thinking about her all the way.

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  1. Jay says

    when i read stories about lovestruck people like this, the first thought that comes to my mind is always, “what a fucking idiot.”

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