Dear silence, my lost friend
I left a little too early, now I have learnt
I’ve been dancing by myself tonight
Closed my eyes, I am lost in the lights

Nothing is left of what used to be
I am watching myself drifting away so slowly
And there is no saving me
Cause I am lost in the silence

I don’t know what I’ll do tonight
I’m looking up but my sky isn’t blue
Wait, ten thousand souls beyond the stars:

All to the prostitute down the street
Who is not a prostitute, but still a prostitute
For not letting him in.

To the father who is not qualified to be a father,
You don’t need a qualification
All you need is love- to be a father.
Too little, too late.

To the dead who can die no more
Did you see the dead who died before you?

If walls could speak
They wouldn’t keep the sobs they hear at night
And the cries of a broken mother a secret

The day I wrote my pain in a paper,
Devil saw it and broke into tears.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t cause that.”
Do demons get scared, too?

So long, too long; been at this juncture
Die. Don’t die.
Leave, but don’t go.
Pretty good, pretty bad. I’m a mixture of stories untold.

Where’s my sanity?
I’m staring at an empty sky.
Tonight, you disappear but
Don’t leave me in a world without you.

There is a war inside
between my soul and me
Like a fight between heaven and hell
On the table of brotherhood, it was me, and me alone.

When you hear my voice tonight,
Know I am calling from the world yonder.
But if you don’t hear from me,
Think of three things:

One, echoes of words unsaid
Two, people talking without speaking
Three, people hearing without listening.
This is me going down, slowly, quietly.

If I would die tonight, I wouldn’t leave a note.
Of what benefit is a sad ‘good bye,’?
You bloom without any name, then wither away.
God! See, I almost won this battle.

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