Santorini Island


– By Tolulope Ibukun, ABH PRESS

Santorini! Santorini! In the past few weeks, the hype over the island has increased dramatically. Santorini has been popping up a lot on Twitter and Instagram timelines. More and more, Nigerians are mentioning Santorini as their choice travel destination. Here are some things to know about the Greek Island.

1. Santorini is not her real name. She’s been known as Strogill (the round), Kallisti (the most beautiful), and Theras (the son of a king). Following the Crusades of the 13th Century, the island was once again re-named, this time by the Venetians in honor of Saint Irene or Santa Irini. Fast forward a few centuries and the world over knows this sparking gem in the Agean Sea as Santorini.

2. The island sits in the water-filled caldera of a massive volcano that is thought to have ended Minoan civilization on Crete.

3. Santorini has white, black, AND red beaches due to its volcanic past.

4. She’s one of a kind. This series of volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea is the only inhabited caldera (underwater volcano structure) in the world. Many believe Santorini may be the Atlantis Plato wrote about. The Minoan Eruption at Santorini created a devastating tsunami in the Aegean Sea, believed to have destroyed the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete.

5. Santorini remains an active volcano, in a quiet state. Scientists have found evidence of at least twelve large eruptions in the last 200,000 years. A small episode of unrest, now in remission, was recorded as recently as 2011-2012.

6. In Santorini, tourists who weigh more than 220 pounds are banned from riding donkeys.

7. The volcanic landscape offers an interesting environment for agriculture, and their local wine is known around the world for its unique taste.

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