The finance minister started by greeting his fellow executives and the press members before going to the purpose of the day. 

He said, “Aside from my constitutional duties, during my manifesto, I also mentioned my plans to increase the total revenue of the hall both internal and external generated revenue.”
To back this up, he mentioned few things that have been done to increase the revenue generated internally amongst which he stated that rents are being paid.
Concerning externally generated revenue, he talked about how desired responses have not yet been gotten from sponsors but also mentioned that he is working towards it and progress is being made.

After this, questions were asked.
Question 1: I need to raise the increment in amount paid for the Famewo Common Room (FCR). I want to understand what the rationale was and has it had any impact on the people that normally would want to use FCR?

Finance minister: Thank you very much. About this, the money generated from renting out FCR is shared between the hall executives and the hall management. The new hall warden increased the money for renting FCR because of the country’s present situation. Concerning whether it has affected usage, I cannot give a definite answer to that because we’ve had to close FCR sometimes due to Covid. Asides that, I still believe people still use FCR apart from two particular organizations.

Question 2: My question is about the ventures. I think you already stated that you are being faced with some challenges. Is it because the ventures no longer close late? Since it opened, I don’t think it has been active as it was before. Last year it was quite active but I feel like patronage has drastically reduced. I think if you want to generate funds from the ventures, something drastic has to be done to encourage brownites to patronize them.

Finance minister: The ventures have to close early due to security reasons as they are no people available to stay till late at night. Usually, the shops flourish more at night but because we cannot find someone to stay there at night, patronage has reduced. And definitely, we will work on our publicity too. Thank you.

We hope to see the Finance minister deliver on all his campaign promises by the end of the tenure.


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