Onyekachi Osondu Becomes Editor-in-Chief as ABH Press Gets New Executives


– Joseph Edun, ABH Press

The Alexander Brown Hall Press Organisation popularly known as ABH Press witnessed the dawn of a new beginning as erudite and veteran Pressman, Chinedu Nwaduru bows out as the Editor-in-Chief to usher in Mr Onyekachi Osondu as the new henchman. Mr Nwaduru who took over the leadership of the Press organisation at it’s time of obscurity, totally revitalized and revolutionized it to the point of winning the award as the best Press organisation in the hall in the just ended executive tenure. Mr Nwaduru handed over after expiration of his tenure as Editor-in-Chief and completion of his final MB;BS examination as a medical student.

Mr Nwaduru on Saturday, passed the baton to Mr Onyekachi Osondu to continue to raise the bar of journalism in ABH while adequately and promptly informing Brownites of events happening around their environment and the world at large. Mr Osondu will be supported by other executives including Miss Irene Opara as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Mr Tobi Caleb as the General Editor, Mr Joseph Edun as the Executive Editor and Mr Titus Adekunle as the Associate Editor.

Meet the New ABH Press Executives

Onyekachi Osondu

Department : Medicine and Surgery
Level : 600
Date of Birth : March 27
Post : Editor in chief
Philosophy of Life : Even in the dark
someone or something is watching so be
on your best behavior.
Why did you join ABH Press? : Felt the
Press needed a man like me.
Hobbies: Watching Anime and binging series.

Chinyerem Irene Opara

Department : Medicine and Surgery
Level : 600
Date of Birth : May 27
Post : Deputy Editor-in-Chief and
Entertainment Editor
Philosophy of Life : Never give up without a
good fight
Why did you join ABH Press? : To learn more
about writing
Hobbies : Dancing, reading and listening to

Tobi Caleb Olusakin

Department: Medicine and Surgery
Level: 600
Date of Birth: July 12
Post: General editor and Features Editor
Why did you join the press? : To get better at
expressing myself through writing.
Hobby: watching movies

Segun Joseph Edun

Department : Medicine and Surgery
Level : 600
Date of Birth : January 23
Post : Executive Editor and News Editor
Philosophy of Life : The solution to one
problem leads us to another, therefore relish
the present moment.
Why did you join the Press : To hone my
writing skill, express myself better and get
people informed about happenings around
Hobbies : None in particular.

Titus Adeolu Adekunle

Department: Medicine and Surgery
Level: 500
Date of Birth : April 19
Post : Associate Editor
Life Philosophy: Prepare for the best and
expect the worst.
Why did you join the Press? : Gives me the
permission not to mind my own business,
get involved and write often.
Hobby: Thinking

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