The Social and Buttery Minister of Alexander Brown Hall in the early hours of this evening, announced the official exit of the Ofada Cafeteria from the hall premises.

In a press statement released today, he outlined the reasons behind the official departure from the hall, following the assessment that was carried out a few weeks back, on the various food vendors in the halls of residence.

One of the prerequisite for qualifying to serve the University of Ibadan students, according to the Students Affairs is that the vendor MUST get above 70 in the assessment (This held few weeks ago). Ofada actually got 50something (I cannot remember specifically now). Ofada actually failed the assessment. Because of their poor services to ABH. It was concluded by the students affairs that Ofada’s service to ABH is poor, coupled with Ofada’s reluctance to improve even when asked about it during the cafeteria assessment. A replacement will be available soon.”

The minister further went on to announce that Ofada will be leaving the premises on Tuesday, July 31. However, the new replacement for Ofada has not yet been announced.

This new development has been greeted with mixed feeling, mostly relief and excitement, as brownites have long decried the poor services offered by the Ofada cafeteria for months, despite various warning.

“I hope this will serve as a wakeup call to Prestige also to sit up. Nobody is indispensable. At least, Prestige will have a worthy competitor, hopefully the scales will balance out” said a brownite.

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