No Welfare Package for Brownites From 2018/2019 ABH Executive Tenure


-By Joseph Edun, ABH Press

The 2018/2019 executive tenure will not be giving out the customary welfare package given to Brownites towards the end of every tenure. This according to the hall chairman, Mr Folajomi Isa is because the money meant to buy the welfare package was used to settle the numerous debts which the hall incurred in the last tenure.
Traditionally, Brownites get a welfare package from the hall due they pay yearly. Last year due was #2000 but the welfare package was a repugnant book that looked like an after thought made from the remains of a tattered rag. It was expected that the last tenure was going to drastically improve on this and present Brownites with a meaningful and presentable package. This however is not to be expected as it has been made known that there will be no sharing of ‘package’.
When asked the exact amount the hall is owing, the finance minister, Mr Ayodele Odedara said “as at today, I don’t know the exact debt the hall still owes and I’m not sure of the amount presently in the hall’s account. This is because the past finance minister is writing her Part IV MB;MS exams which is keeping her very busy. However, this will be sorted out immediately she is done with her exams”. Mr Odedara was interviewed last week Wednesday.
Mr Isa has however promised that his tenure will uphold the tradition of sharing welfare package. Dues are primarily for the effective running of the hall, it is not in the constitution. It is like a tradition which my administration will try to of course uphold”, said Isa.

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