Often times when discussing a man’s worth we tend to measure this in relation to so many diverse resources ranging from his net worth in terms of finances, landed properties, other material resources or even fame. To a large degree, the society is responsible for this and as a result every other person subscribes to it, you are either rich or you are nobody.
I recently attended a wedding ceremony and I was wowed, the organization and planning, the dishes, decoration, and everything about the wedding screamed wealth and affluence. The haves were the only ones in attendance and the haves not were nowhere to be found, everything was perfect. There and then I came to the conclusion in my heart that attaining financial independence is a must do for me. I want to be able to afford whatever I want, whenever I want it and however I want it. I want to be able to address any audience and not feel less as per the societal yard stick.. Far as the society and the average man is concerned it’s all about the money.
Oh, did I say I attended it? It’s more like I was an usher at the event.
However, while finances/money is indeed a great asset I have never and never will consider money my greatest asset.

That title goes to the friends and loved ones in my life, I love how I can trust them to be there always, how when I get stranded all I need to do is to put a call through to a friend. It’s beautiful that when I need to get something done regardless of the notice I will always get helping hands, I have never been worried about being alone in my corner, whatever the situation is I always have not just a person but people in my corner. The feeling of love, happiness, belonging, support, friendship and family, that feeling is by far the best feeling ever.
To have people I can call my own, people I deeply care for and they care for me as well, with whom I share my victories and my defeats, smiles and pain, food and stories, this is my greatest asset.

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