Mr Audu has been transferred from his designation as the Hall Supervisor of Alexander Brown Hall. He has since resumed his new post at the University Health Services – Jaja Clinic.

Mr Audu confirmed this while speaking with our correspondent over the phone on Monday, 12th July 2021. He also confirmed that he joined ABH as far back as 1994 before his transfer to the College of Medicine in 2004. He was brought back to the Hall in 2011, where he has served till this transfer. This brings his total years of service in the Hall to over 19 years.

“During my interview before they brought me to ABH, I told them how I loved working with students. I am happy to have work with this calibre of students. They are very respectful and obedient, irrespective of the times I have had to use empty threats [translated from: ìhàlè].” Mr Audu said jokingly.

At the Hall’s Send off for Mr Audu on 9th July.

“I pray you people make it in life, pass your exams once. And at the end, I pray you get good jobs.” He concluded by mentioning how he would miss the Hall and the students. We wished him good luck in his future endeavours.

Meanwhile, Mr Audu will be replaced by Mr Ogunmosu, who has agreed to have an interview with us soon.

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