Hall Management has released a memo to inform the graduating MBBS class on when they should vacate their bed space. The document titled “vacation of your bed spaces in ABH” congratulated the class as they conclude their final exams. It informed the students that every room they occupy should be evacuated by 31st July.

“This memo serves as a notice to inform you that your tenancy in ABH ends with the completion of the examinations on 14th July 2021. One of the students assigned to the room will be occupying one of the bed spaces from 15th July 2021… At the latest, every room should be evacuated by 31st July 2021.” The memo read.

Recollect that the Hall permitted the graduating class into the Hall before other students to facilitate their resumption. They were allotted one student per space due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, since the reallocation of new students to those rooms, the management gracious allowed them to retain the rooms till the completion of their exams for their mental health sake.

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