20180622_012306.jpgIt came with mixed feelings when we learnt that the owner of the popular Chicken Barbecue shop had been asked to evacuate the premises of the Hall, sometime in April. Jay Grills is a local chicken barbecue shop situated in Alexander Brown Hall, owned by “Jay” to excite the taste buds of many with variety of dishes, ranging from Chicken barbecue to noodles, potatoes chips and so on. Sadly, many customers (especially Brownites) got their taste buds burnt, not only from the weekly exponential rise in the prices of his meals, but also from the poor quality of the meal.

His dismissal by the Hall management was met with mild vexation, from his loyal, “well-heeled” customers who frequented his shop, to enjoy a good meal – especially the House Officers and Residents. For many Brownites, it was a shocking relief!

The guy’s prices are way too expensive, and his meals are not even tasty“, said one of the student residents in the hall, after Jay’s dismissal. Many Brownites have had to sulk over poorly grilled chicken with raw ‘insides’, or mashed noodles and semi-parboiled eggs; after paying heavily with their hard earned money, and sometimes enduring the horrendous services of the owner. Little wonder, the agitation for his dismissal. Finally, Brownites were free!

And now he is back after a one month vacation? And what’s more? Nothing has changed, price-wise. Chicken barbecue is still being sold for N500 – N600 per piece, and a super-pack noodle is still N250 (+N30 pack = N280)! However, there have been reports that his relationship with his customers have improved from a grumpy to gaily a bit; and also in the quality of his food, a little!

But the question is: Why then was he dismissed, only to come back after a couple of weeks? A similar thing happened over a year ago, where a cafeteria owner was sent out on account of poor food quality and services, only to return after a while, worse than she left!

We cannot to live this way! The executives of Alexander Brown Hall, together with the Hall management need to put stricter laws in place to avoid undue exploitation by shop-owners on students; and any defaulter should be dealt with squarely as stipulated within the rules. The same bad economy, on which these shop-owners claim to be responsible for the irregularities in prices; is equally the same economy in which the students live and we all have to thrive in it.

A common-ground should be reached with them (the shop owners) to ensure fair distribution of prices, in such a way that they do not loose their profit and Brownites are not exploited.

I do hope that Jay’s one-month suspension would serve as deterrent to other shop-owners to sit-up and do the right thing. Quality service and attitude are pivotal to the success of any business!

What do you think about Jay’s dismissal and his re-hiring?

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