I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I want to be given a chance;

I should know my place.

I’m sorry that I try too hard;

I could never dream of outshining you.

I’m sorry that I said no;

For it is an honour to have been noticed by you.


I apologize,

For ignoring you when you sang the praises of my endowments,

the only ones you could see;

I only thought my unseen organs deserved more praise.

I apologize for the times I wasn’t in the mood.

I was taught to put your needs before mine;

How did I forget?

I apologize for my greed.

I should have been content to cook, clean and serve you;

After all, I live to please my Master.


I’m sorry that I want to speak

and be listened to, as you would.

I’m sorry that I want to dream,

Of being a combatant or a surgeon.

I’m sorry that I want to be applauded,

For the achievements I worked so hard for.

I’m sorry that I want to be alone,

Living life to the fullest in solitude

until I decide otherwise.


I’m sorry,

Really sorry that I’m human too.

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