• By Ridwan Ojewale

Nwazueoke Chisom Anastasia represented Alexander Brown Hall in Scrabble game at the just concluded inter-hall sporting events of the university. We discussed with her on her love for the board game and what caused her to withdraw from the competition after qualifying for the semi final.

Can we meet you?
My name is Nwaezuoke Chisom Anastasia, a 400 level student of physiotherapy. I’m also a blogger and a public speaker.

And you are also a Scrabble player, right?
Yes, I am

Do you have any professional experience?
Oh no nothing professional. I Used to play with my dad when I was really young, then I dropped it for a while. I picked it up again late last year and the inter hall game was the second time I ever played competitively.

When was the first time?
Last year, I represented my department (APS, UI) at the scrabble competition during our national convention here in Ibadan. I lost sadly.

What motivated you to go for the interhall Scrabble competition?
I realized that I was pretty good at playing scrabble seeing that it’s the only indoor sport I enjoy so I would play casually with other brownites whenever I got a chance. Few weeks ago, the sports minister contacted me and asked me to play for the inter hall games. I said yes.

And how did the competition go for you ?
It was great.. I really enjoyed it. Sad that I didn’t get to finish what I started.

Can you tell me about that?
I fell sick. The first round of games was on Thursday by 3pm. I was already feeling sick and made a mental note to get drugs from the pharmacist after the games. Unfortunately, the games finished by 8pm and although I was excited about getting into the semifinals, I was unable to get the drugs. Immediately I got back to ABH, I went for an executive meeting of the ABH LND and we didn’t finish till almost midnight. As you can already guess, the next day I felt like crap! My head was banging, my throat was sore, I had a fever. I missed my morning classes and went to the pharmacy to get drugs telling myself I’ll be fine before afternoon to continue the game in ui. But you know how that first dose of malaria drugs makes everything worse? I tried to prepare for the game but I could even stand up long enough to change clothes. I knew I couldn’t make it and had to forfeit. Sad stuff.

What was the worst part about forfeiting that competition?
The worst part is knowing that I stood a good chance at winning the competition and yet watching it slip by.

How do you plan to make up for this?
Oh I don’t plan to make up for it. Things come and go. The competition has gone and there’s no point crying or planning over spilt milk. I’m focusing on other things right now.

Can you tell us about some of them?
Of course I run a blog called and about 2 months ago, I started an art project called *poetrymeetsphotography* . This project was born out of my love for photography and poetry and it’s aim is to unite and celebrate photographers and poets.

Every month, I collaborate with photographers to create powerful images which are then forwarded to various poets who interpret these pictures however they choose. It’s hosted on my blog and partly on instagram. It’s beautiful and I think people should check it out and reach out if they’re interested in a collaboration.

Great work ahead of you. Thank you for the honest and funny replies!
It was my pleasure. Thank you too.

Best wishes!

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