• By Ridwan Ojewale

The President of ICOMAA (worldwide), Dr. Abib Olamitoye has pledged an annual commitment worth of 2 million naira to ease the HPTL burden on 40 indigent COMUI students. The CEO of Ibadan city hospital who met with the students leaders few weeks after resumption instructed that a 20-man list of indigent students (who would get a hundred thousand each) be compiled across all departments. The student leaders were however reported to have suggested a total number of 40 ( each to get 50, 000) in a way to further extend the relief. Using a quota system (in par with the student population of each department), MB;BS was alloted 22 slots, BMLS, BDS and Physiotherapy were all alloted 6 slots each.

Speaking with one of the leaders, he explained ” the slots can be shared anyhow depending on your department. It can be by level or just those that you think are indigent. Actually, we have compiled the list and submitted their details. That included their accout numbers because Dr. Abib wants to pay directly into their account not through college or anybody. He plans to do this yearly”

Questions regarding the timing were also asked as the university is set to close the portal for the payment, he replied ” Dr Abib is not around. Maybe as soon as he comes back and in fact, maybe next year. What I’ll advice the students involved is to look elsewhere for now so if it eventually comes, it will be a kind of relief, if not, they’ll be safe. Whoever doesn’t have the money should make it known to the college to be on the safer side, maybe write the college through their HOD or something. At this point, anything can happen and nobody will be able to do anything”

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