Gender dynamics: A glimpse into the future


2019 is slowly coming to an end. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Think back to your first recorded memory. If you did so, you would realize that the human race civilises and evolves at an amazing pace [There’s no metric or reference standard in place to actually qualify the pace. However, it’s fascinating to observe nonetheless.]. Does the human genius have a limited extent? Well, I can’t really answer that; maybe my descendants would be in better positions to do so. Have you ever thought about what the future [after you’re long gone] will look like? I think about it from time to time and three themes keep recurring: climate change, gender dynamics, and religion. Gender dynamics is what I feel like writing on right now.

Patriarchy seems to be the backbone of a lot of cultures in the world today. The strength of its presence in societies varies from place to place; however, one only needs to search for it, for it is always there. If a magician decided to strip the world of all its patriarchy at once right now, there would be crumbling, lots of crumbling. That’s because the world has inadvertently and consciously [both in parts] come to depend on it, and almost everyone is complicit. People bash the bad and crave the good parts simultaneously without realising that both are opposite sides of a coin and have the same origin.
When patriarchy goes with all its “benefits” and evils, what will take its place? That’s what’s on my mind. Slowly and steadily, people all around the world are becoming more and more conscious of the need for gender equality and equity. Women have started getting exposed to the same opportunities as their male counterparts [howbeit very slowly], I don’t think there will be gender inequality in the “veeery” distant future [I don’t think I will be alive to witness this].

What will take the place of patriarchy? Will [insert answer to first question] be better or worse? Will the textbook “alpha male” that profits from the confidence and physical strength that the modern day society craves still exist? If yes, will he still be relevant? In the past, brute strength was actually a desired quality in men. However, we are currently in an age where greatness can’t be measured by how thick your biceps and chest muscles are and we will eventually get to a point where those parameters will be completely irrelevant. What will the structure of a society that is equally manned by males and females look like?

What wouldn’t I give to have a real time glimpse of what the gender dynamics will be then? In comparison to the current system in place, I’m sure it would be a hilarious one.

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