Yeah, still on the topic of the season, the new year and new year resolutions, I hope that the past ten days have been amazing and that you have started without fail treading the path to achieving that new you. There is also an aura of fresh starts and new beginnings around the new year.

The sudden realization that you have been given another 365 days to try your hands again at something you tried last year and didn’t do well in; a second chance for which you are grateful and optimistic about, another 365 days to try your hands and something totally different and new; new beginnings which brings excitement and the good kind of fear or better yet another 365 days to make that change you want, to close a chapter and open a new one. Oh, you can even close the book if you want; fresh starts.For me, it’s a combination of all three; second chances, fresh starts and new beginnings and of course I promise to make the best of them.

Phew! and there is that voice, the one that whispers to in your thoughts about the so many ways things can go wrong, how you have failed before and so the chances of doing the same are just so high, how nothing can change and eventually configures your mind such that you desist from taking the risk or making a move, the fear factor. The thing to do is to start, you don’t have to start big or perfect or what have you,the voice will be there when you start, when you are about to upgrade and for every other new achievement the voice is always going to be there. You just have to start! and make sure you keep moving from there.
10 days down, 355 days to go…

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