He was my first love, Segun, he truly was and I was his too…I think I was. Ours was the perfect love story. We fell in love in high school and managed to keep the fire burning all through our university days before finally getting married on 4th October, 2014. The marriage was great, magnificent even, it was the kind that the heavens and earth heard of. Our honeymoon was literally a world tour, Segun insisted of course, after all money was not a problem. Segun’s father was an oil mogul and he was heir apparent to his father’s empire. For the same reason there was no need for me to work. Our marriage was beautiful. Of course we did have the mini-fights that all couples do have but we could comfortably call our marriage splendid.
4 years on, were blessed with 2 beautiful children and our love yet remained strong. But then, maybe I shouldn’t have gone to the mall that day. Maybe I shouldn’t have waved at him or ran to meet him. Maybe…… Well it’s too late for the ‘maybes’ now. I met Bosun at the mall when I went shopping for Christmas presents. Segun begged me to come with him to the office, he loves my company and the kids were in school, I refused because he didn’t have sex with me the previous night, he said he was too tired.
Bosun went to the same high school as Segun and I. He was a good friend to the two of us, although he was more of Segun’s friend than mine, or should I say he was first Segun’s friend before he was mine. I noticed though that his friendship with Segun became a little strained after Segun started dating me, we lost contact after high school when he went to Harvard to study accounting. Seeing him there and then was a great thing. We went to grab a lunch together and caught up on lost time. He was the managing director of Firstbank and he was now married with 3 children. Our conversation lasted for ours. We lost track of time and only a call from Segun that he was on his way home made me know how far gone the time was. I decided to keep my meeting Bosun as a little secret in order to surprise Segun.
I invited him to our house the following week, carefully picking a time I knew that Segun would be around. Now that I think back to that day, I think it was not just coincidence that made Segun send me to help him buy his medications from the pharmacy, under the pretense that he was too tired to go and considering how far the pharmacy we trusted was from our house, coupled with the possibility of a traffic jam, I had to help him. Halfway through to the pharmacy, I realized that I did not take my purse which was supposed to contain money and my ATM cards with me. I had to go back.
On getting back home, I decided to park the car outside and quickly run to get the money. The sound of moans was unmistakable. The voices I heard were certainly those of Bosun and Segun, but I had to be sure. So I opened the door, and the sight that met me left me confused and utterly speechless. My husband and Bosun were having sex. Now I wonder that maybe I wasn’t his first love after all.

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