A good number of departments and classes appear to be in that phase of the undergraduate journey that feels more like a sprint than a marathon, be that because of the debate tournament of the session, the much-awaited BMLS induction ceremony, looming all-or-nothing examinations, the upcoming hall week and consequent elections, or any combination of these activities. It is exam season nearly everywhere you look with related and unrelated deadlines around every corner. It is difficult to catch a break. Most of us have not experienced this seemingly unending widespread stress galore and as such, we are struggling to keep our heads above water. Even the experienced ones among us are barely holding it together. In these times, when virtually everything feels like a chore, a waste of time or “not enough”, here are some suggestions on how to relax in 5 minutes or less:

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A good five-minute rant makes a world of difference, trust me. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a five-minute break, find, call or send a voice note to your person of choice about how much stress you are going through. Talk about anything and everything until your five minutes are up. Unburden yourself.

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A five-minute walk might seem too short to be any help or like a waste of time but it comes highly recommended. Sometimes all you need is a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery, no matter how transient. Next time you are feeling cooped up and frustrated, take a walk, even if it is only a lap around your block in ABH.

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Five minutes on your preferred social media app might turn into ten and then fifteen if you do not have the best self-discipline but it can also leave you feeling more than a little refreshed. Before you adopt this suggestion, I advise you to inform someone to keep you accountable and prevent five minutes from turning into ten. 

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Yes, you read that right. Eat. It might simply be a case of low blood glucose. That and things always seem less daunting after a hearty meal. In these times when it is easy to make feeding an afterthought, remember to not just eat in a timely manner but to also maximize all the benefits of eating, i.e the endorphins. It is a stressful period, you deserve every single drop of joy you can wring out of life.


Last but not least, try something frivolous. Draw, but only if you are terrible at it. If you are an artist, this is not for you. You will get sucked in and suddenly find that you have spent hours on a project you did not need to. If you have little to no artistic talent, this is right up your alley. Amuse yourself with your best creations. For those who can draw, there is no time like to present to find out if yoga is for you. See how far you can bend. Youtube has a wide selection of tutorials to cater to your beginner’s journey.

In these times when getting through the day feels like a struggle, I hope these suggestions go a long way towards easing your stress. In return, do remember to be kind to yourself and to others as we are all going through it. And if nothing else, know ABH Press is rooting for you.


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