DEAN OF STUDENTS EVALUATES CAFETERIAS IN ABH: Says Brownites should exercise patience

– By Chinedu Nwaduru

UI, IBADAN- Sequel to the recent outcry of Brownites concerning the appalling nature of the cafeterias, especially Ofada Cafeteria; the Social and Buttery Minister together with the Chairman met with the Dean of Students today.

The meeting which held at the main campus was to re-assess the existing cafeterias, and to evaluate the applications of new food vendor, requesting to render their services to various halls of residence in the university.

In a statement with the Alexander Brown Hall Press, the minister gave a report of the meeting, saying:

Today was the cafeterias assessment in UI (where we get to decide which cafeterias we want) Dr. Adebayo (Assistant Hall Warden), the hall Chairman and I went for the assessment around 10am today. Unfortunately, it was only two vendors that applied to ABH (we heard halls like zik had as many as 10 applicants).
The Vendors were Prestige and Ofada. During the assessment, we made it clear to the Dean of student affairs and other lecturers present that Brownites don’t want Ofada again. We even presented facts from the poll we conducted sometimes last month.
During the assessment, it was obvious to the lecturers and everybody there that Ofada is not good enough for ABH and they are not even making efforts to get better.
But sadly there was no third applicant who can from today replace Ofada cafeteria.
But the conclusion made by the dean of student affairs was that.
After the assessment (because each hall has her assessment day, today was for ABH only), out of the applicants that were not selected for other halls especially the ones with very high scores during the assessment…the student affairs will ask one of them to replace Ofada cafeteria in ABH.
Crucial parts of our cafeteria system were addressed during the assessment and improvements will be seen in our cafeterias generally.”

When asked about the status of Ofada, based on the report; he went on to say:
I heard the assessment is ending tomorrow. It would have been easier if there was a third applicant. The Dean of student affairs will contact us. After the assessment, they will pick someone and tell them about ABH, then we are good to go.”


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