With the rising trends and evolution of the world from the physical to the social media,meeting new people and associating with others online is now the order of the day. Amongst these evolutions came the dating app where people find love on the internet. Since most people spent most of their time on social apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, it is common for people to meet and date online.
There are different dating apps with different features to match the taste of their users. These apps use characteristics such as personality, location, compatibility and so on. The user has to fill in their profile and personal information so that other users can see them and contact them when they want to.

With these apps, some have found true love, lasting friendships and relationships. Dating apps allow global connection, removing the limitations that real life gives. People get to meet others they probably would’ve never met without the app. Online dating apps give access to potential partners as specific descriptions are provided, such as a particular lifestyle or type of person. It also has helped to boost people’s confidence since they don’t have to meet face to face. Dating apps save the stress of having to dress up to meet the other person. The fear of rejection is also reduced.

On the other hand, they have also made some vulnerable to liars and pretenders, who seize the opportunity of the internet to wreck havoc. Many of these people input fake information into their profile such as age, height and income.
With dating apps, the connections made are sometimes not as deep and true as with real life dating. The reactions and real intentions of the person is usually not known. It can also attract the wrong type of partners. Even though many people have found their soulmates through dating apps, it majorly depends on the appearance of the users.

Just as dating apps can foster many bad experiences, it has its many benefits as well. With these uncertainties that underlie the use of dating apps, people are skeptical to use these apps. While some would prefer the online dating app, others would rather stick to the traditional dating style. Which would you go for?

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