– Titus Adekunle, ABH Press

The rain on Wednesday evening gave the local men of D-block, Ground Floor a feel of Lagos Island on rainy days.

As the rains which commenced at about 4 p.m receded at 5:30p.m, occupants of the ground floor of the block could only step into the low-budget stream crossing the front of their rooms. Footwears, waste bins and other personal items were seen floating away from their original positions. The height of the water was only inches away from seeping under doors into rooms.

The water also contained soldier ants, bugs clunching on to footwears, soil debris and leaves. These suggested that the water must have been seeping in from the lawn infront of the block through the channels in the wall meant to drain the corridors.

This incidence has not left out reaction of the cleaners The cleaners in their usual dramatic fashion swung into larmentation and singing. One stated that clearing the water was no longer the day’s job. However, as another tried, scooping the water away, more kept seeping in though the incompetent drain.

Ponds of different sizes at strategic places are not a rare sight after rains on the floors of D block.
“We have never had it this worse” one of the cleaners testified in Yoruba amidsts her larmentation.

Reacting, one of the occupants larmented that the drainage system of the block was meant to be part of the recently completed renovation of the block.
“When they would not consult students to know the challenges they are facing before embarking on projects” another aggrieved occupant said, in passing.

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