On 12th December, 2023, the Cardiology Interest Group of Nigeria (CIGN) officially launched its activities in a virtual event graced by medical students, and professionals across Nigeria. The official launch saw CIGN detail its activities, telling attendees about their aims, objectives and future plans.

The event started at about 6:14pm with Dr Frances Chukwu, the Deputy Administrator, welcoming everyone to the official launch. This was followed by a presentation by the team, kicked off by the Administrator, Dr Titus Adeolu Adekunle. In his presentation, he mentioned that CIGN was created to fill a void created by the absence of a group for lovers of the field of cardiology. In his words, “CIGN was created out of the noticed lack of a cardiology-enthusiast community and the need to drive an interest in the field of cardiology…” He went on to state that the group seeks to serve as a community for medical students and recent medical school graduates in Nigeria. In addition to talking about what CIGN hopes to achieve, he talked about the organization’s structure.

Shortly after Dr Adekunle’s presentation, the Group’s Programmes’ Director, Dr Efosa Iyawe, shed light on the activities to expect from CIGN in the coming months. These activities include monthly expository interviews; and didactic and career development sessions. He added that the Group will have community outreach programs as well as monthly newsletters.

Miss Ifunanya Nebo, a final year medical student of the University of Ibadan and the Student Liaison Officer of CIGN, went on to hint medical students on the opportunities the Group offers – from career guidance, to mentorship, possible research experience and elective posting opportunities in the field of cardiology, . Following this, Dr. Chukwu came back on to tell attendees how they can be part of the Group, and enjoy the benefits it offers.

The event was wrapped up with a Q&A session where Dr. Alawode asked how the group was funded and if members would be paying dues. The Administrator replied that membership dues and other fees is something the group will consider after providing some value.

With a community of, and for cardiologists now available in Nigeria, we earnestly look forward to the activities of the Cardiology Interest Group Nigeria (CIGN) in the coming months, as well as its impact in field of Cardiology and the practice of Medicine at large, in Nigeria.

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