It’s been a week since water supply to ABH was restored, following the 12-day period of water shortage- as a result of the damage to the water pump.

In an interview with the Hall Chairperson, he narrated, “I was going round to check the tanks on the Friday before Ileya when I noticed the level of water in the reservoir tanks was unusually low. I immediately called the Health Minister to inform the supervisor, which he did. However, they thought it was just the irregular power supply. On Saturday, we noticed that the tanks were empty. We notified them and they promised to repair it immediately after the holiday, which they did”. 

He went on to say that after the pump was repaired, it broke down again after about 30 minutes. This therefore prolonged Brownites’ ordeal of having to daily trek relatively long distances- to the Ayodele Falase Post Graduate Hall- to fetch water until the problem was finally solved. 

When the faulty water pump was eventually fixed, a WhatsApp Broadcast Message went out from the Hall Executive Council on Wednesday, 20th July, 2022, informing Brownites about this development.

ABH Press reached out to a handful of Brownites over the last one week, getting their opinions about how their experiences had been since the pump was repaired. Below contains their comments:


1. Now that the pumps have been repaired, it still doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Though going to the Post-Graduate is stressful, I still go there now that water has been restored, so as to avoid queing for water at F Block Tanks. ( A.P MBBS 2k19 )


2. It has been a big relief for me since the pump was repaired, I don’t have to go as far as the Post Graduate Hall to fetch water. This applies a lot to washing my clothes. I can easily get water from F Block ( T. MBBS 2k21 )


3. For me and by extension, all of us staying in female blocks, there hasn’t been much of a difference because the water pump that serves A Block has been functioning. ( O.P MBBS 2k19 )


4. Though I don’t use a lot of water on a daily basis and I fetch water only in the morning, it has been very stressful and tough for me because I have to go a longer distance to get water. It is a big relief for me now that the spoilt water pump has been repaired and water now flows. ( A.D BDS 2k19 )


5. I am glad that water supply has been restored to F and E Blocks, but water doesn’t run as fast as it did before and so Brownites and cleaners still have to queue or go into F Block to fetch water. ( A.A MBBS 2k21 )


6. Well I wasn’t around for most of the time when the pump was spoilt but it was stressful getting water to wash clothes and to bathe. There was a lot of anticipation on my part as to when the water pump would be repaired. Things are back to normal now that the pump has been repaired. ( N.A MBBS 2k19 )


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