Did you get your heart broken in recent times? Or you just found out you’ve been dating yourself? Worse still, you have this sense of impending doom about your current -ship. Here are five songs to remind you that you’re not alone in your misery, or even better, to help you break the dam of tears you’ve been holding together.

1. I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

You would find this song relatable if you got served breakfast by a Yoruba man/woman. They must have had you swooning with their honey-coated words, only to leave you for the person they said meant nothing. Don’t worry, it’s alright to insert strings of curses directed at them as you listen to this.

2. Too Good At Goodbyes – Sam Smith

Yes, there are two Sam Smith songs on my very short list. I think they portray a sadness so profound in their songs that a heartbreak may even start to seem attractive to you. This song is for people that have had significant others walk out so many times that it doesn’t faze them again.

3. Heartbreak Anniversary – Giveon

The best part or the worst part (depending on how you see it) about heartbreak songs is how they always resonate no matter how long your heart has been shattered for. So, it may be days, weeks or months after the breakup, and you suddenly start reminiscing about the sweet gone days. Giveon says he understands, and it is okay to bawl your eyes out.

4. Happier – Ed Sheeran

The bittersweet feel to this song may have you smiling sadly as tears silently stream down your face. Here, Ed acknowledges that he hurt this person and that he misses them. However, he’s also comforted that they are now with someone that makes them happy.

5. Devil Doesn’t Bargain – Alec Benjamin

Are you that person that was repeatedly warned by friends and foes alike but did not listen? Then this is definitely your song. It is to remind you of the many times you lied to yourself that you could change them but to no avail. This is probably my favourite song on the list.

Special mentions:

Last Last – Burna Boy

For you, in case you want to whine your waist as you dab your tears with a tissue.

God Only Knows – for KING & COUNTRY

You’ve had enough of humans, and you need a reminder that your Creator’s love is everlasting.

P.S: This is not a comprehensive list. Add your go-to heartbreak songs to the link below.

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