Fifteen years ago, I was his stalker. I was wherever he was. In class, at the cafeteria, gym, playground– every damn place he was, I was there. Yeah, it was crazy. I was head over heels for him. He was always in my thoughts, I couldn’t concentrate at school. I was always looking at him, studying him, trying to unravel him. He was my muse. I looked forward to going to school every day because I would see him.
Was it his demeanor, or the way he carried himself? His long legs and broad shoulders? The tone of his skin? The way his sweat glisters on his skin when he works out? How the sun kisses his skin when he’s out? Or his face?
Oh!! His face!! I could stare at it till eternity. The way his eyes bore into mine when they locked, the way his mouth danced with every word he spoke, how his jaws are contoured with each bite of food he chewed. What exactly I fell for of all these, I cannot quite point out.
He was a dream I was sure would never come to pass. He was way out of my league. I only relished in my fantasies, satisfied with what I got fed with every day. It was enough. Until we saw no more.
Fast forward, 10 years later, we ran into each other. He was the same. Strikingly handsome, alluring. He was smartly dressed in a suit and it took a lot of willpower for my knees not to buckle. I was completely swept off my feet.
Then the memories came swarming in, the feelings, the fantasies. I was drowning in them. I allowed it to wash over me and right then, I knew that another episode of loving him was about to start.
I was surprised and elated that he recognized me. I had always thought that I was an invisible girl that no one noticed. Always stuck up in my corner, minding my business.
Somewhere along the line we got talking and I found out that he had always felt the same way about me. He couldn’t talk to me then because I seemed unapproachable. I was flustered to think that the man I had loved all of this time was equally in love with me.
Our love journey began and it was all bliss. I had not wasted my time loving him. It was all worth the wait.
Two years into my marriage with him and I am convinced that luck was definitely on my side. We were truly destined to be together. The man of my dreams and my beautiful son are all I could ever ask for. And for that I am grateful

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