They put on church garments
Speak and walk like church people
Everything about them screams “church”, almost
Their hearts tell a different tale
Green snakes under the green grass, Hypocrites.

Smiling faces and best wishes
Friendly hugs and lovely compliments
Gentle touches and promises of support
The envy and hatred behind that face
Wolves in sheep’s clothing

You are the reason for every beat of my heart
I will love you even till my very last breath
Sugar-coated tongues and promises of a lifetime together
The lies they tell, just to scratch an itch
Desperation of a lust-filled heart

The law by day, criminals by night
A little tip here, another bribe there
Write it, teach it, yet do not live it
Claims to be a friend but more often a foe
The chaser, but truly the chased

We will ensure good and effective governance
Good roads and uninterrupted power supply
Affordable education and health care services
Mind blowing manifestos valid only on paper
Empty promises from empty vessels

Destroyed foundations, divided people
Piercing betrayals, so much hurt
Broken hearts, shattered dreams
Nation in shambles, dashed expectations
Beware, the mask men wear.

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