Awéléwà (Part 1)


By: Onifade Oladimeji Samson Dlog

If you will go by the market side
Through the narrow path
And across the beautiful house

If you will have me send you
With my beautiful words
And the sweet scents

If you won’t be carried away
By that same beauty
By which I was long gone

Give my words to her

“Did you hear
The whistle in the night
The sound of stones thrown

Did you see
The running shadow
And the footprints

I roamed about your house
Like a goat looking for grass
Like a lizard eating beside the wall

Ask the termites
They knew when I slept
Behind your window.

There I spent my nights
Quietly like a widow
Waiting to just hear you talk”

How did it happen
She thought it was you
But, I was the one

Did you not tell her
You were sent by me
The sufferer and the roamer

Read: I, a local farmer and hunter, fell in love with Awéléwà, the beauty and daughter of the village head. I have always wanted to say my mind to her, but I was never noticed. I was scared, also.
One day, I sent my friend who was courageous but a fool, or self-centered, or lack self-discipline, to speak my words to her. He did. But, he never told her it was my words. She was going to fall in love with him.
To be continued…

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