Asido Campus Network to Jog to Commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day


The Asido Campus Network of the University of Ibadan is organizing a 30-minute jog on Saturday, September 11th, 2021 to commemorate the World Suicide Prevention Day which is actually September 10. The World Suicide Prevention Week runs from September 10 to September 18.

The theme of the jog is Another Day With You. Speaking with ABH Press, the Asido Campus Network President, Semiloore Atere mentioned that the convergence points for the jog in University College Hospital (UCH) and University of Ibadan are Alexander Brown Hall (ABH) and Tedder Hall, respectively. While the jog in UCH will be led by the ABH Sports Minister, the one in UI will be led by the Health Minister, Tedder Hall.

The jog in UCH starts from ABH to College/Union Bank to the Car park to the Emergency gate to Geriatrics and back to ABH. The President also stated that the jog will be divided into 3 teams: Team Awareness, Team Professional Help and Team Support. These three teams will be talking about the need for mental health awareness, how to recognize a suicidal person, and how to give such person necessary support.

The event flier says the 30-minute jog is open to all and COVID-19 protocols will be observed. It promises to be educative and everyone is expected to gather at the porters lodge in ABH by 5:30am

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