Mr ATOYEBI Victor Adeyemi, a 400 level student of the Department of Medical laboratory science ran for the post of the Social and buttery minister with a mantra ‘synergy 21 and emerged the winner. In the Press Conference that held on Sunday, Abh Press wanted to know how far he has gone with some of the juicy plans he stated in his manifesto.

Mr Atoyebi promised to create a WhatSapp platform where Brownites can place an order for food in the cafeteria and be told when to come and collect it. When he was asked how far he has gone with this plan, he said the cafeteria vendors did not agree to this terms. But he went further to look for a logistics company to deliver food for Brownites in their rooms but the charges were too high.

He also stated that the extra TV in the TV room will be placed outside with security barricade like those in Halls of residence in the university campus or use of projectors when necessary (for important matches like cup finals). Mr Atoyebi declared that there is an ongoing plan on this and very soon Brownites will enjoy this privilege.

Further more, Mr Atoyebi said he and his committee have fulfilled their promise on setting up a committee to check-mate and check the level of cleanliness in the cafeteria for at least twice a month. He was asked by one of our pressman if it was possible to include giving cafeterias rating to help imbibe the attitude of cleanliness in them but he stated that this will be too extra.

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