Dates are a way to de-stress and relax around each other, it helps to encourage communication hence a good way to preserve relationships. Restaurant dates are a popular choice amongst many as it is socially accepted and you do not have to fear that your date will flake on you. Also, there are a vast option of restaurants to choose from and by choosing a nice and fancy restaurant, you might be able to impress your date. However, you can go out of your comfort zone and try other options even for a first date.

A picnic can be on the beach, indoor or at a park. Wherever you decide to have the picnic, do not forget the necessities. Make sure there is enough to eat and drink, you can shop for finger foods and drinks together or go potluck-style – where each person has to bring food items for the date. Board games come in handy here, get a deck of cards or any board game of your choice to liven things up if there is ever a dull conversation. An indoor picnic can be more fun and romantic than a traditional outdoor one as it is quieter and there are no interruptions. But, I am afraid this is not the best option for a first date.

After all laughter is the best medicine, a comedy show is a fun way of bonding as it allows you to see whether or not you share the same sense of humor. Also, laughter helps to soften the nerves and open you up, creating space for deeper conversation. You can go ahead to grab a drink or an appetizer together after the show so that you will reflect on what you enjoyed about the performance and learn a bit more about each other since you likely would not have much time to talk during the show. It is a good option for a first date because laughter helps to break some of the nervous tension.

A paint night is not a traditional date option but trust me it is a good idea of course depending on your partner. You can purchase your own supplies, set up your indoor painting area, and follow an online video or hire an in-person instructor. It can help you grow closer while doing something new and out of the ordinary together. There are even diptych-style paintings where each person paints on their own canvas and you display them side by side to form one complete painting. They are a good first date option because you are forced to get out of your comfort zone and it helps you see a different side of your date’s personality since it is a little vulnerable to show off your talents (or lack thereof). Even if your finished pieces are not exactly masterpieces, at least you will have something to laugh about and to remember your first date by. Do not forget to Include your favorite beverages or snacks for an extra special evening.

If you are into games and do not mind noise, an arcade is a good option for a date. It will add some fun and nostalgia to your date. You will be able to see how well the two of you work together and if they have got a competitive edge. Although some might argue that an arcade is not a good option if you have a competitive partner because it might cause friction if you are trying to surpass the other person. However this depends on the game you’re playing hence you can stick to the type of games where you can team up. Is it a good option for a first date? Absolutely!

How do you go about this? Share your bucket lists with each other and surprise your partner with any of the activities on special occasions like birthdays, anniversary and so on. You can make it a point to try something completely random and different together on every special occasion where you will open up to each other about why you’ve never tried it, face your fears together and trust them to help you through it.

Hence, dates are a necessity! It allows for better communication, greater affection, gratitude for each other, and a desire to spend more time together. They are a way of having fun and keeping memories with your partner. Whichever option you eventually go for just make sure you are having fun after all you only live once (YOLO)!

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