“…Another Page in the COMUI’s Drama Book”


By Eniola Salaudeen, ABH Press

The result of the part I professional examination of the 2k18 set of the MBBS and BDS was released on the 17th of September 2018 with a total of 169 students — 140 in the MBBS and 29 in BDS— satisfying the examiners.

However, it is news worthy to state that 10 out of the 12 MB;BS “resit” students and all the 8 “resit” students in BDS are re-siting biochemistry.
The heart of the matter are the two mystery pages on the board which had sparked heated arguments and confusion among medical students of the Alexander Brown hall.

First, is a page with the heading “the following candidates have failed in the MB;BS part I examination” and this is a new one in the history of the college as, in previous years, there had been no such list—students who failed knew it through the absence of their matriculation number on the board. The word “failed” has had students of ABH wondering if the concerned students are to repeat the class or withdraw from the department.

The second mystery list is one containing the matriculation number of students whose results have been withheld by the college. Withheld? What does this even mean? Well, some students have argued that the results were withheld due to examination malpractices while a larger percentage of students believe that non-payment of the professional levy is the cause of the with-holding.

However, all had been rumors and hear-says as there has been no official release by the college for clarification sake.
In these moment which seem like the era of change and mystery in the college of medicine, we would keep our fingers crossed in anticipation for any newest development by the college.

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    Please, put an update to this when you find out the details. Thank you.
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