Alexander Brown Hall was purged of the dirt littering the hall on Saturday, October 26, 2019 in the ABH Clean Up Exercise which held in the early hours of the day.
Residents of the Hall woke up on Saturday morning to discover that the dirty items in front of their rooms had been carted away as the exercise began as early as 6:45am. Brownites came out in their numbers to clean up the dirt on the corridors of each block, the Warden’s flat and in the surroundings of the hall. The dump site was not left out as Brownites were seen exerting muscles to clear the dirt deposited there.
Some aspirants for executive positions of the UI Student Union were also seen joining hands with Brownites to make the hall clean. At the dump site was one Mr. Akeju, an aspirant for the post of the Student Union President. Also seen was Akinola Olamide, an aspirant for the post of the Student Union House Secretary, who joined in the clean up.
The exercise ended at about 9 a.m. with participants of the exercise given a pack of food, bottle of water and soft drink.

The Health Minister of the hall, Mr. Dolapo Olugbile, commended the exercise and appreciated Brownites for the massive turnout and the passion with which the exercise was done. He also appreciated members of the Health Ministry for planning such an effective exercise and all student organizations in ABH who partnered with the health ministry in the exercise by mobilizing their members to come out. He further appreciated T&K Cafeteria (aka Fanawole) who sponsored the Exercise by providing the food and bottled water for free.

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