On Thursday, 6th October 2022, a new incinerator constructed by the Rotary Club of Ibadan, Jericho Metro, was commissioned. The incinerator was supposed to serve as a solution to the waste management problem in Alexander Brown Hall. As inhabitants of the Hall have known well, the in-hall dump site was an ineffective stop gap, which had its own host of problems. From serving as a breeding ground for the rodents that continue to infest the Hall, to its overwhelming stench and the debris carried by the wind, the need for a functional solution was not up for debate. 

On Friday, 1st September 2023, almost ten months after it was commissioned, the incinerator finally became functional. One can imagine the relied and joy of Brownite as the dumpsite was finally cleared of its offensive content.

On the same day, the Hall Executives in conjunction with the John Fatuyi Foundation, commissioned the deployment of new waste bins and drums for the Hall. In attendance at the event were the Hall Warden of Alexander Brown Hall, Dr O.C Uchendu, the Dean of Students of the University of Ibadan, Professor I.A Abiona, the Deputy Dean of Students of the University of Ibadan, Dr Aiki-Raji, and a representative of the John Fatuyi Foundation, Dr Foluke Olaniyi-George.

ABH Hall Executives and dignitaries with the newly acquired drums and bins.

 The former Hall Chairperson, Dr Salami David was immensely thankful to  the John Fatuyi foundation in his speech, praising their generousity, as he claimed the foundation provided more than what his administration had asked for. The representative of the foundation, Dr Foluke Olaniyi-George, in turn applauded Dr Salami’s administration, extolling their professionalism and ability to think outside the box. She claimed that these qualities encouraged Dr John Fatuyi, who is an alumnus of Alexander Brown Hall, to go above and beyond for the project.

The Dean of Students of the University of Ibadan also praised the Hall Executives and the John Fatuyi Foundation in his speech, for the succesful completion of the project. He recommended that students be allowed to demonstrate their leadership capabilities and solve problems as they come up. He also iterated that alumni relations are fundamental to the functioning of the university and encouraged students to not neglect their alma mater.

The massive project is a culmination of efforts that were initiated in the last administration and carried to fruition by the current administration. The project was funded by the John Fatuyi  Foundation. A total of 80  waste bins and 80 drums were made available to the Hall. 13 larger drums were also purchased to serve the incinerator. The waste bins are to be distributed to the different floors in the Hall.

In an interview with the Hall Chairperson, Mr Jesufemi Adeyeye, he stated that there are now enough bins for Brownites to sort their trash and aid recycling and waste management in the Hall. He said, “According to Dr Salami, we now have a lot of trash bins, so we can label them and put them on every floor. One of the bins will be for biodegradable waste and the others will be for recyclable waste. The Health and Sanitation Ministry will partner with the Information Ministry to make sure Brownitess know the right thing to do so our vision becomes feasible.”

80 drums, 80 bins and 13 300L drums for the incinerator were purchased by the John Fatuyi Foundation for the Hall.

With these developments in place, an end may finally be in sight to a problem that has plagued many administrations in Alexander Brown Hall. The sanitation of the Hall is of utmost importance, and this is a giant leap in the right direction. While many issues bedeviling the Hall persist, the hall has one problem solved and one can only hope for more innovative solutions in the future.

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