After seven debates, thirteen speakers, and a jolly crowd of Brownite supporters, we are on track to make history!

The ABH L&D has advanced to the penultimate rounds of Jaw War 2021 scheduled to hold this Friday 22nd October 2021. So far, we have witnessed a clean streak with the faculty teams of Dentistry and Clinical sciences advancing to the semi-finals of the faculty category, while the Alexander Brown Hall team booked a semi-final spot against Kuti Hall following an outstanding performance against Nnamdi Azikiwe hall.

Brownites would no doubt agree that the speakers from the hall have been magnificent, preaching to, schooling, and showing their opponents how it’s done, all in a heartbeat. They have indeed made many proud as they have steadily served logic, facts, creativity, and flawless speech all in one dish. ABH L&D is rapidly gaining traction as the gold standard for public speaking within the UI community and her supporters, the best in cheerleading.


At the quarter-finals for the faculty category, a member of the ABH L&D, Titus Adeolu Adekunle was selected as the joint best speaker- becoming the first Brownite to win the ‘Best Speaker’ award since Jaw War 2021 commenced. However, some would argue that speakers from the hall have been overlooked repeatedly.


It is pertinent to note here that the jaw war speakers and the leaders of the ABH L&D have expressed their sincere appreciation for the support they have received from Brownites thus far. “Your ginger, chants, and energy have helped the speakers be immune to intimidation from their opponents”. After all, if Brownites are for you, who can dare contend with you? The ABH L&D looks forward to continued support from Brownites as they aim to win Jaw War 2021 in grand style. 


If you have already started to picture what it would be like to have the Faculty of Clinical Sciences face the Faculty of Dentistry in the final rounds, know that you are not alone. We would love to have this historical debate happen in the Jaw War 2021 finals. A public speaking battle between the elite students of the Alexander Brown Hall would be one that would not be forgotten in a hurry. Come Friday, let us storm the New Faculty of Science Lecture Theatre again to give our speakers the morale boost they deserve and also have fun while we’re at it. 




Have you ever wondered what preparing to deliver a jaw-war speech entails?
Have you ever imagined why speakers do not pass out at the sight of the humongous crowd? Behind the beautiful outfits, brilliant speeches and succinct delivery is hectic preparation. Be on the lookout as the ABH Press will be exploring the Jaw War preparation process as well as giving you some insight as to what it is like to be in the ABH L&D. Look forward to it!

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