When asked why he ran for the post of the health minister of the Alexander Brown Hall, the health minister said, “Because of the knowledge I have regarding the post, I think I have enough and I am confident in my abilities to properly function as the health minister”.

However, on the 8th of October, 2021, a report from the disciplinary committee was circulated. The report contained the suspension of the Alexander Brown Hall health and sanitation minister on account of the negligence of duties and absence from meetings.

“I have been performing my duties, as well as I, know best. I had valid personal reasons for missing the meetings”, the health minister said during an interview.

An undisclosed source added that the involvement of the health minister in other activities outside the hall executive council might have affected his performances. However, the health minister denied such allegations, “No, I do not think my involvement in other activities is in any way affecting my performance as the health minister”.

“I’m not in a position to judge if the decision against me is just and fair but I did not see it coming”, the health minister said. He also reserves his comments regarding the allegations against him. “However, I would still prove myself useful to the Hall executive council as a Brownite during the period of my suspension. I will diligently fulfill my duties upon reinstatement”, he concluded.

The recommendations of the disciplinary committee regarding the health minister, Mr. Thompson Ebiaku are:

  1. Thompson Ebiaku be suspended from his duties as the Alexander Brown Hall Health and sanitation minister for a period of two weeks.
  2. Thompson Ebikau pays a fine of One Thousand Naira only to the Hall account.
  3. Thompson Ebiaku tenders an apology letter to the Hall executive council.
  4. Thompson Ebiaku provides a ledger detailing the purchase and dispensation of drugs to Brownites.

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