Brownites usually do not get to say “Thank God it’s Friday” like everybody else  but that was not the case yesterday as the ABH Freshers’ Welcome Party was held at the Famewo Common Room. The Freshers’ Party had been widely publicized- promising a lit experience and even aimed at shutting down the entire city of Ibadan. The event which was initially scrapped at the beginning of the tenure, was eventually included after adjustments were made to the initial budget. The Social and Buttery Minister, Victor Atoyebi, attributes this to the good relationship between the Executive Council and the Legislative Council.

The Freshers’ Night began by showing “The Harder They Fall”, a movie that has received great reviews worldwide, and then progressed to the games and the after party where Brownites literally danced their stress away. When asked how the planning went, the Social and Buttery Minister said, “The planning was one hell of a ride. I am happy for the experience even if I had to go to the market, carrying a sack on my head among other things. The support and readiness to work shown by my committee members went a long way in making this program a success.”

We asked some of the attendees what they thought about the event and here’s what they had to say:

“I thought most people would have seen the movie but I was wrong. Everyone appeared to enjoy it. The after-party started off a little rough but it took off over time and we all had fun. Kudos to the MC, Ife and the hypeman, Newman. I however wish more people attended” – Olorunyomi

“It was fun and the movie was really good. I am glad I attended.” – Femi

“It was nice. More freshers turned up than I expected.” – Mark

Overall, the freshers were able to enjoy their night and the event was a huge success. Even if they could not shut down the whole of Ibadan as the BCs promised, they at least got to shut down FCR. Borrowing a line from one of the speakers from ABH at the Jaw War 2021 Finals, the Social and Buttery Minister said, “In my manifesto, I promised a spectacular freshers’ Welcome and like Fidelity, I kept my word.”

Brownites do not have to wait too long to get lit again as the UCH Students’ Association (USA) health week commences tomorrow. The publicity has been great and we hope they deliver.

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