When a fitness affair is incorporated with social elements, it almost always results in smiles [and tears]. Humans are social beings and the importance of genuine and beautiful human connections cannot be overemphasized. The second edition of the ABH fit reminded Brownites of that importance on September 21 [Saturday].

The two-part programme [jog and body stretches] started at circa 6:50 am, it entailed a one-round jogging exercise from ABH gate through Circular road and back to the starting point, and an exhaustive body stretch session. The jogging session was characterised by lively chants from an enthusiastic crowd. The body stretch session on the other hand tested the resolve of the participants in different ways. The exercises were somewhat rigorous [my muscles still ache, all thanks to Hillary] and perspiratory but Brownites were encouraged all the way.

The sight of the volleyball court during the programme was definitely one to behold. The success of the programme can be credited partly to the painstaking planning of the members of the ABH fit committee and partly to the impressive turnout and enthusiasm shown by Brownites. However, the major downside was the delay participants had to go through before the programme eventually kicked off.

It was a good event, Brownites will definitely be anticipating future editions. The members of the ABH fit committee and the Hall executives involved deserve some kudos for pulling this off.

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